Liposuction in various forms has been in existence for many years. Since 1982, the procedure has been performed millions of times in the United States alone. In recent years, however, advances have been made in the field of plastic surgery that has revolutionized liposuction.

Laser lipolysis, also known as SmartLipo, is an FDA-approved procedure that greatly surpasses what was possible with traditional liposuction. The advantages of SmartLipo are tremendous, and the procedure promises to attract many more patients in the future as the reputation continues to precede itself – especially due to the many advantages of undergoing SmartLipo rather than traditional liposuction.

Tiny cannula results in minimal invasion, no stitches

Traditional liposuction is an invasive procedure that involves utilizing a tube called a cannula, which is connected to a high-powered vacuum. The cannula is inserted into the area where the procedure is to be performed, and the doctor rotates the cannula beneath the skin to remove fat from the body.

SmartLipo is far less invasive than traditional liposuction procedures. The cannula used is extremely small, and at one millimeter, stitches are not necessary at the site of insertion. The laser employed in SmartLipo offers far more precision than simply moving a cannula manually, as in traditional liposuction procedures.

Laser removes excess fat, without leaving excess skin

While the laser is melting fat cells, the heat produced by the beam also acts to seal blood vessels, and this causes the body to produce collagen. The body is sculpted by the procedure and further surgery is generally unnecessary. Often, with traditional liposuction, the patient must undergo additional procedures to remove the excess skin after the fat has been withdrawn.

When fat is removed from the body, it cannot regenerate. Adults have a finite amount of fat cells, and once they are removed from an area, it cannot gain fat once again. With SmartLipo, the fat cells are heated to a bursting point, and the liquefied fat exits the body through the insertion point. Any excess fluid is filtered out of the body via the lymphatic system.

Safer procedures, quicker recovery with SafeLipo

Traditional liposuction is not only an invasive procedure but one that can cause serious trauma to the skin and connective tissue of the individual undergoing the procedure. Bruising is quite common, as the cannula has to be manually manipulated to achieve symmetrical results. Healing times can vary depending upon the amount of fat being removed, however, with traditional liposuction, compression bandages are recommended to be worn for six weeks after completion.

In stark comparison, the advantages of undergoing SmartLipo are plentiful. One of the most advantageous aspects pertaining to SmartLipo is the recovery time. Most patients are back at work within two days. Compression bandages are usually worn for up to two weeks but are not always necessary.

In addition, the collagen released as a reaction to the heat of the laser continues to develop for up to three months, firming and tightening the treated area long after the procedure has been performed.

If you are considering your options regarding body sculpting and permanently ridding your body of fat, look no further than SmartLipo. The alternative is unthinkable once you know what is available to you.

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