White Vinegar To The Rescue! In The Garden

Why does your garden need white vinegar? In the last 10-15 years, more and more people are aware of the dangers from toxic pesticide, fungicides, herbicides and artificial fertilizer. Many of today’s gardeners are looking for organic alternatives to toxic pesticide, fungicides, herbicides and artificial fertilizer.

But… the sad fact is that these chemicals do a great job controlling pests. Without them we have to find a way to control the pests. White vinegar to the rescue!

White vinegar can both stimulate the plant and kill the weeds that would choke the plant.

Get Rid of Weeds

You can kill the weeds by pouring apple cider vinegar onto them.   Spraying it kills weeds within 2-3 days after the application. Try it and let us know how it turns out.

Acidic Loving Plants LOVE White Vinegar

Did you know that gardenias, holly, azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and begonias prefer acidic soil? They do. To stimulate growth in these flowers, mix 1 gallon of water to 1 cup of white vinegar, pout into a spray bottle and spray the vinegar / water mixture on the plants to help them grow.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Every year beginning in early summer it seems our kitchen gets bombarded with fruit flies. We have a compost pail in our kitchen and there’s no issue or smell with the compost bucket except when you go to lift the top off of it. Then in the summer all the fruit flies come out. One way to get rid of fruit flies is to mix a half cup of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of molasses, a quarter cup of sugar and one cup of water.

Put the mixture in a container and set it in your kitchen close to where you have fruit flies. Fruit flies will be drawn to the sweet mixture and then trapped inside it.


After spending the day working in the garden your hands get dirty. I mean you can look at them and see they’re dirty. In addition to washing with soap and water you can also pour distilled vinegar on your hands.

Maybe while you’re out working in the garden if you are using any kind of fertilizer, pour distilled white vinegar on your hands rather than going inside to wash with soap and water every time you touch the fertilizer.

Discourage Rabbits From Nibbling Your Lettuce

Did you know rabbits don’t like vinegar? If rabbits are eating your garden you can deter them with cloth soaked in distilled vinegar.   Soak old clothes or rags in white vinegar and place them around your garden where you see the rabbits most.  Also works for repelling rodents, moles, cats, dogs, and deer.  

Resoak the clothes about every week or so regularly for better results.

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Kill Ants With Vinegar

Do you have ant hills in your garden? If so you may be worried about pets and children getting in the anthill. Mix one part water and one part vinegar, and put in a spray bottle. Spray the areas where ants are likely to be to keep them away from your garden.

Keep Your Garden Tools Clean

To keep your garden tools like new you can soak them overnight in white vinegar. One option is to fill a trash bag with vinegar, put the garden tools in it and tie it up tightly. Soak the garden tools overnight. Rinse thoroughly the next morning.

Get Rid of Snails and Slugs

Remember when you were a kid pouring salt on a slug? Undiluted vinegar works just as well. Spray slugs and snails with undiluted vinegar to get rid of them.

Keep Your Birdbath Clean

You can use undiluted vinegar to clean your bird bath. Mix water with white vinegar and use it to clean your bird bath. Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly. White vinegar is much more bird friendly than soap.

Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

if your neighbor’s cat is using your garden as a toilet we can deter them with distilled vinegar. Pour the distilled vinegar into the garden soil to keep the cat’s away.

Keep Fresh Flowers Fresh

Finally, to enjoy the fruits of your garden for a longer time, put cut flowers from your garden in a vase with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water. This will keep your freshly cut flowers fresh for longer.

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